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A gallery of interesting English. Or at least, a discussion of English.

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How writing advice in school often doesn’t apply to writing in real life

In school, students are told to use complex vocabulary, but in reality, many writers try to use simple words, like Ernest Hemingway. What other things are kids told about writing that contradict real life?

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The importance of “show, don’t tell” in writing

Storytelling is about transporting a person to another world. That’s why showing, not telling, makes better stories.

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How doing nothing, really, is actually doing something

Many people have heard the (re)phrase, “don’t just do something, stand there!” But isn’t “standing there” doing something?

Thoughts on language: forgetting words

We all have days where we just forget words, right when we need them. Isn’t that annoying?

Thoughts on Language: contradictory phrases

We use colloquialisms all the time, but how many of them actually make sense?

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The secret to understanding poetry

Every year, thousands upon thousands of students have to take poetry tests. Is there a secret to understanding them all?

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Do actions really speak louder than words?

The short answer? Well, yes, they do. The long answer? Well, not really. No, not at all.

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Why you shouldn’t use a thesaurus at every chance you get

Many people use thesauri to “buff” their writing, or to learn new and fancy words. But is that really a good idea, and does it really work out?

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10 words you probably didn’t know used to be two words

Everyone knows words like chillax came about from joining chill and relax. But did you know that words like electrocute came from electric and execute?

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11 words you’ve probably forgotten were acronyms

These days, we have lame acronyms like LOL and YOLO. But did you know that words like scuba used to be acronyms too?