I’m not even really sure what false claims the other pages on my blog even make about my life, career and dreams.

I’m definitely sure quite a few articles/pages suggest I wanted to become a writer. A few more suggested I wanted to become an animator. And somewhere I know I mentioned film.

Well, let’s be clear: after all those dreams, I decided I would study… video game design.

I’ve always had a fascination for video games, for story, for art, and it seemed that that was the best thing to major in (especially when I realised I could not keep up to my classmates majoring in animation).

But enough about that. Let’s talk about the games I actually made, which is, so far: two.

Neither of them is even a video game.

Coming first we have Just Borrowin’ a card game based loosely off Mary Norton’s The Borrowers.

This is the first of my physical games I created, currently, one more is still hovering about in late stages of production. It was made for a school project some years ago and if I get kicked enough (or paid enough) I might reboot it now I have actual art skills.

This, Li’l MacDonald Had a Problem, is an interactive story which you can play online. It’s a simple tale of a boy and his farm animals, all of which are disproportionately represented in this image. That was an accident.

This page is a little sparse and the writing a little uninspired. I’m sorry I don’t have anything much to share right now. However, As I enter game design in the coming months I will keep my exploits updated here.

Meanwhile you can click about and investigate my games.

List of Games

Card/Board Games
  • Just Borrowin’: a fast-paced house building card game for 3–5 players. (buy)
Computer Based Games
  • Li’l MacDonald Had a Problem: an interactive story a young farmer boy who finds a mysterious package on his doorstep. Excitement ensues. (play)
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