I’m not sure what false claims my blog’s other pages make about my life, career and dreams.

I’m definitely sure quite a few articles/pages suggest I wanted to become a writer. A few more suggested I wanted to become an animator. And somewhere I know I mentioned film.

Well, let’s be clear: after all those dreams, I decided I would study… video game design.

I’ve always had a fascination for video games, for story, for art, and it seemed that that was the best thing to major in (especially when I realised I could not keep up to my classmates majoring in animation).

So I switched.

Anyways, currently I make simple games that I upload to, and you can check out my page here.

Conversely, you can look here too and see what seems fun. (Personally, my favourite is Broader Collie, but I have been warned people rage quit that, so perhaps try something less rage inducing).

Video Games


Navigate the underworld, ferry souls, and avoid the Grim Reaper. (play)

Broader Collie

Be the world’s best sheepdog. And don’t end up a sausage. (play)

Hippos with Jetpacks

Steering a jetpack without opposable thumbs is much harder than it looks. (play)

Zirgog Hates Visitors

You are smelly troll who hates visitors and wants to kill them. (play)

Other than video games, however, I have worked on other projects before. Currently I’ve made on board game, and am toying around with the idea for another two. And for a class project, I made this piece of interactive fiction, which is also uploaded on

Other Games

Just Borrowin’

A fast-paced house building card game for 3–5 players. (buy)

Li’L Mac Had a Problem

An interactive story a young farmer boy who finds a mysterious package on his doorstep. Excitement ensues. (play)

I hope you have fun with my games.

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