What’s this page?

This is the about page, as it states. And because I don’t have enough fame or money, I’m going to interview myself. For you. So that the about page can actually tell you more about me.

Yeah, and who’s you?

I’m Dylan Kwok. I’m an author (in brief moments of inspiration), a game designer, animator. I used to blog but now that is more of an annual ritual than a regular hobby.

Currently I’m also a student at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media (Or NTU ADM, thank you very much).

What’s this website about?

A long, long, time ago, the primary purpose of this website was to blog, and the blog posts were featured prominently in the landing page.

Then I learnt art.

Nowadays the landing page is there to feature my latest artsy-fartsy stuff.

What’s with the URL?

Back before I became serious about my blog and website, it was called 64thopinion.com. I even made three different logos for it. They looked like this:


But as I became less blog based and more portfolio based, I realised it would be better to rebrand as my own name (because remembering “six-four-tee-aitch-opinion-dot-com” was a pain. (Technically, yes, that is still the link, but I also own the links with my own name on them. The reason for not switching is because all my links would break if I did.)

What have you done?

Besides running this blog, I have also

  • Written and published several short stories (check them out here)
  • Designed a board game (with another one in progress)
  • Designed an app (well, an iOS Sticker Pack, but that’s close enough)
  • Made a bunch of short films (watch them on my channel)

Okay, so actually I’m here because you are famous, and I need to know who you are without having to read this whole article.

Well, that’s a pleasant surprise!

Here’s my life in three sentences:

Dylan Kwok is a game designer, animator, and author. His stories have appeared in Daily Science Fiction, The Colored Lens and Wyldblood Press. You can find his work on his website, 64thopinion.com.

Go wild.

What if I have more questions to ask?

My Twitter handle is @kwok_dylan. You can tweet me from there.

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