What’s this page?

This is the about page, as it states. And because I don’t have enough fame or money, I’m going to interview myself. For you. So that the about page can actually tell you more about me.

Yeah, and who’s you?

I’m Dylan Kwok. I’m a blogger (semi-frequently), an author (in brief moments of inspiration), a game designer, animator, and iOS app developer (who doesn’t know a line of code).

Well, then who am I?

Not sure. Check the mirror and see. Better yet, check your wallet.

What’s this blog about?

Anything that catches my interest. It is a personal blog. However, given my above stated interests, I usually talk about technology, education, books, movies, and, if I have a fever, politics.

What’s with the name?

Well, back when I was five (give or take a decade), my uncle asked my brother and I what the biggest number we knew was. My brother gave some big number with a lot of nines in it. I said, “Sixty-four”. But no, I don’t actually have sixty-four opinions here.

What have you done?

Besides running this blog, I have also

  • Designed a board game (with another one in progress)
  • Designed an app (well, an iOS Sticker Pack, but that’s close enough. There are more in progress)
  • Made a bunch of short films (watch them on my channel)

And I’ve also managed to stay off Snapchat, even though I’m a Gen Z. So there.

Okay, so we know you can’t do a proper interview. (In more ways than one.) But let’s see your best writing.

For some reason my most popular work seems to be reviews of TV shows, books, and movies. Maybe I’m just lame. But unless you’re a sci-fi/fantasy geek and really want to check out those reviews, here are my top articles:

Books, Movies

So is that all?

Err, yes. Are we done the interview now?

What if I have more questions to ask?

My Twitter handle is @kwok_dylan. And yes, I am a Gen Z.


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