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People always like to say things like, “pictures say a thousand words” that sound like they make sense at first but really don’t, but I’ll roll with it for the while, since this is a page about graphic design and I really don’t know what to say besides to give a running commentary about various pictures I’m going to show as this page proceeds.

Okay, that’s enough words in one block. Here’s a cow.

This picture only says a thousand mooooooooooos.

When I was thirteen or so I wanted to be a graphic designer. No, I didn’t want to be a billionaire, or astronaut, or chef, or scientist, or any of those big dreams you get on the movies (has anyone seen a show where someone aspires to be a graphic designer? Tell me honestly. I would want to watch it).

I can’t remember why I gave it up, but I did. I moved on to writing, and I self-published two pieces.

I made my own covers for them.

To Kill A Schoolboy Cover

I do hope you can guess which one I did first and which one I did next. The point is, I inadvertently was forced to do my own graphic design.

Next, of course, came this blog. I had to design my own logo.

Does this look better than the current icon? Should I ask things like that?

It was a learning experience that I wasn’t keen on repeating. And I moved on. But even as I did, every where I turned, every project I did, I had to do some sort of graphic design. When I did animation, I had to create posters for them.

Then when I designed my own games, I had to set up card layouts and all the rest for them too.

Just Borrowin’ was where I really learnt how to use Photoshop properly.

Then, of course, I became the editor of the school magazine, and suddenly graphic design was back in full force, front and centre of my responsibilities irresponsibilities. I made full use of the opportunity, of course, to portray all my friends in the most ridiculous light possible, all while cracking jokes at everyone’s expense.

But then, came the army. And then, there went my inspiration, and time, and energy, and time, and motivation, and time. Did I say time?

And when I did finally have time to do things, I ended up basically designing army paraphernalia.

Anyways, this mental block continued for a while there, until I began working on other projects, like the cow you saw above, and his counterpart:

Obviously that was still army related. Partially.

Parallel to all these developments, I was still toying about with graphic design in other areas, specifically, infographics. If you’ve read the fount of random things I’ve posted on my blog over the years you’ll know I have a penchant for interesting facts (interesting to me, I don’t know about other people).

And so then, of course, I moved into actually designing posters.

Which brings us to where we are now. I put up some of these designs on here, and if you want to support me (or just want a cool shirt/poster/sticker) head out there to get it. If you see any designs on my Instagram, or on this page that you must have and that can’t already be bought (i.e. games in progress, or designs I literally made for fun), you can comment here or message me on Instagram and I will figure out those designs as soon as possible.

Oh, and I almost forgot this monstrosity:

Here’s to me hoping no one asks how to interpret this logo.

But anyway, as you probably realise, this is history. So you can ignore it. Please enjoy my rebranded website.

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