Nice to Meet You.

My name’s Dylan Kwok, and I’m an author, game designer, and animator. A long time ago in a galaxy that was is probably this one I was also a blogger. Alas, my blogging has languished and so this page, instead of my latest blog posts, is now my front page.

This is my portfolio.

Due to my various interests and dreams, I have a collection of work that is strange and varied, but suffice it to say that there is almost no particular order in which I list these six categories, except, perhaps, fiction, which I am particularly proud of.


I write science fiction, which has been published in Daily Science Fiction and The Colored Lens, and is forthcoming in Wyldblood Press.

Video Games

I’m studying in NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media, to be a game designer, and currently make arcade and puzzle games on

Short Films

A eclectic collection of animated films, video essays and other fun stuff.

Board Games

Well, actually only one right now. There are two others in development.

Sticker Apps

In 2018, I made a pack of bird stickers for fun. It reached the top 25 on Canada’s App Store. That fact will be written on my gravestone.

Letter blocks from a printing press

Graphic Design

From time to time I am inspired to make posters, random graphics, and other interesting things. I put them on shirts. And you can buy them.

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