Front Page

Once upon a time there used to be a blog on this landing page.

It’s still up there in the menu, if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you aren’t, of course, then you’re probably on this page to either check out my portfolio or stalk me, or both, and if you are, you’ve come to the right place (I mean, the about page is good too but it has less pictures). I’ll give you a tour.

short films

stop motion and 2D animation

Above is the link to my short films—that is, me playing with toys and calling it art. It comes first in the sequence of my works not just because I think it’s some of my best work, but because, unless I’m very mistaken, that happens to be what I’m studying to be in school—an animator. (Update: hahaha turns out I’m not studying animation anymore. I was mistaken. Lol. I’m in game design now FYI.)


flash fiction and short stories

Next up in my portfolio are my writings. A long time ago when I wanted to be an author. Then I decided that animation was just as cool and involved doodling and toys. However, that didn’t mean I gave up writing, and if you click through you’ll be able to read things like “One Step Down”, a short story I wrote that appeared in Daily Science Fiction, an SFWA qualifying magazine (those who know what that means know what that means. For the rest, it’s a short way of saying “the rulers of science fiction hath decreed that this magazine publishes good stuff”).

sticker apps

on iOS and Telegram

Coming in third, for no particular reason, is my sticker apps, which allow me to claim, without being disingenuous, that, “Yes, I am an Apple Developer with published apps.” Whether or not I know what funcs are or vars or for loops or any of that is inconsequential. Mah app is on da store, thank you very much.


card game and interactive story

Fourth only because my desire to say, “Yes, I’m a developer” came in third is my games, which is a hilariously far down position given the fact I am majoring in game in university. It’s languishing down here because so far I have produced one card game, one interactive story, and zero video games. Hopefully it’ll move up at some point but until then it gets to be here.

graphic design

for t-shirts, posters, stickers

Coming in dead last on my portfolio items is graphic design, not because it’s the least loved of my work, but because it represents a whole hodgepodge that is rather difficult to define. Can it go on a shirt? Yes. On stickers? Yes. On posters? Yes. Can they all go on shirts, stickers, posters? Most of my graphic design work is available on via my Artist shop so do check it out.

Ok. That’s the end of this page. This isn’t the blog page anymore so you can’t scroll down more. The only way out is to click one of the links above.

Or just, you know, leave the site, but that’ll make me sad. Pls don’t make me sad. Thanks!