Thoughts on language: forgetting words

Some days, writing comes easy. Ideas just flow through my fingers. All of my sentences come out like poetry.

And then, I hit a word block.

You’ve probably experienced it before. It’s when you’re talking/writing, and you’re about to use a word, but you realise you’ve forgotten it. Yes, as most people like to say, it’s at the “tip of [their] tongue”—they know the definition, and they know every synonym of the word, but for some reason, they’ve just forgotten that one word. The perfect word.

It’s awfully annoying when that happens—especially when you’ve set up your sentence perfectly to weave that word in. It’s like having a missing carriage in your train of thought.

Of course, whether you’re writing or talking, the show must go on. If you’re talking, you’ll just have to rephrase what you said. And if you’re writing, well, you should restart the sentence.

In either situation, having to use a replacement word is—to use the correct word—nauseating.

Sure, you got your point across (hopefully), but then—or maybe this is just me—you’ll feel some regret afterwards. Regret that you didn’t hunt down the right word. Regret that you sold your poetry for immediacy. Regret that you don’t own a good thesaurus.

And then, after all that regret, you finally remember the word. This, of course, usually happens right after you’ve finished your conversation, right after you’ve sent your email, or right after you’ve published your article.

And then you get annoyed that you didn’t remember it sooner. In a conversation or an email, there’s really no point in trying to fix the mistake. (Unless you really spent half the conversation agonising about it.)

But in an article, it can just be updated. (Not that it happened here…) That’s the great part feature thing about blogging. But of course, if you really want to just find the word the first time around, just get a better thesaurus.

Not that you should be using a thesaurus when you’ve talking to someone. It’s almost worse than texting.

via Daily Prompt: Replacement

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