Thoughts on Language: contradictory phrases

Everyday, everywhere, people say common phrases that, while at first hearing, sound reasonable, after second thought, sound completely wacky.

This kind of happens to me every single time I hear someone say, “[Something] is fun. But don’t take my word for it. Go try it yourself.”

That sounds alright, doesn’t it? If we really want to know if something is good, we should just try it ourselves, right? But wait, if I go try it for myself, doesn’t it mean I took their word and went to “go try it yourself”? I think I’m confused now. How can I take a person’s recommendation not to take their recommendation?

This is confusing.

Either way, well, other people can say that phrase all they want, but that’s another figure of speech I hope I’ll never accidentally say.

It’s way too plebeian. And contradictory.

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Science fiction author, artist, animator. I blog mostly for fun but wouldn’t mind getting money for it (donations are welcome except I don’t have anywhere to donate to, so yeah.) Also a board game designer.

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