Yes, Guns do Kill People

In the wake of another pointless shooting, I think that it’s time to get to the heart of the problem that plagues America: that guns are a constitutional right, and that they do kill people.

Its time to face the facts. And the numbers. Guns do kill people.

There have been more gun deaths between 1968 and 2011 in civilian America than in every war the country has fought since 1776. To give numbers, 1.4 million deaths to 1.2 million. Now let’s think for a moment. The Americans fought the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and now Iraq over 240 years and in 43 years, there were more gun deaths in civilian life. That’s not just shocking, it’s terrible.Continue reading “Yes, Guns do Kill People”

Little Known Facts About Little Countries

I find that sometimes, little countries have much more variety than big countries, just because it’s easier to test out new policies and interesting political structures when there are way fewer people to disagree with an idea and much fewer repercussions if something goes wrong. Also, change can happen much faster if only 30,000, not 300,000,000 people are involved.

If the title and the above paragraph hasn’t already told you what I’m going to talk about today, it’s about small countries. Specifically (mostly because I was reading about them), I’m going to talk about the six smallest countries in Europe and the interesting things about them.Continue reading “Little Known Facts About Little Countries”

The Truth About Secrets

Apparently, somebody leaked the blueprints for the master keys used by the Transport Security Administration, or the TSA, and now anyone with a inquisitive or criminal mind and a 3D printer can make one. Or ten, if you really want.

I don’t claim to know much about this particular scandal, but from what I can tell, people out there can potentially break into your luggage. Well, they already could, but now they can do it much more easily, without breaking the bag itself. Or, to put it straight to you clear, the government gave itself a back door and then left it open for the criminals to waltz through. Brilliant sometimes, aren’t they?

That’s the problem with letting the government in on your secrets. It’s like telling a friend with a really big mouth.Continue reading “The Truth About Secrets”

Why Your Idea Needs Landing Gear

Some smart guy that I know once said that everyone knows how to build a plane, but not everyone knows how to build landing gear.

If you haven’t figured out what that means (and I didn’t until I was told what it was about), it’s about project management. Everyone knows how to start and idea and let it take flight. Good job, you have the engine, the wings and the fuselage by then. Most people also know how to take their idea and make it look great. That’s the in-flight entertainment and the nice seats, and of course, the great airplane food. But it’s the ending that sets everyone on the edge. You know, when you have to build the landing gear to ensure that your idea makes it to the ground, the world, in one piece. If not, then why bother starting?Continue reading “Why Your Idea Needs Landing Gear”

Here’s Why Politics is Stupid

Yes, and I’ll say it again: politics is stupid. Sure, it’s great when it’s kept in its little boundaries and doesn’t spill over (yeah, right), but when it spreads to the arts and sciences, it sure turns everything into a mess.

Specifically, it turned the Hugo Awards into another political battleground for white vs. black, male vs. female, and all that stuff. That just makes me sad.

I admit, I honestly didn’t know much about the Hugo Awards until just recently, and most of it was about the Sad Puppies. But it doesn’t take to much reading and searching to find out  I honestly think that the entire idea to ruin the nomination list was stupid, and here are my reasons why.Continue reading “Here’s Why Politics is Stupid”

May 16, 2050: Partly Cloudy

I have confidence that that will be a relatively cloudy day. I had a written assurance from a drunk weatherman.

Yeah right. When was the last time they got the weather correct from just two weeks away?

But then again, we should give the meteorology department some slack since in many other fields of study, people have made loud predictions that didn’t come true, like that Ice Age the earth was going into in the 1970s, or that the US was going to collapse by 2010, or that there would be “Peace for our time” in 1938. My point is that people like predicting stuff.Continue reading “May 16, 2050: Partly Cloudy”

The Ultimate Case: Humans v. Robots

Forgive me for being absent for the past two weeks again, I was away on holiday somewhere without wifi. I know, that’s shocking, and no, I wasn’t in the Arctic Circle. But when I did get back on the grid, I ended up reading quite a weird article involving humans and robots being able to marry each other.

I think that there is a disconnection somewhere in the scheme of things. Robots and humans will never be equal. There. I got my thesis out. Now let me tell you why that is so. And it doesn’t even have to do with jobs and the creative spirit of humans.Continue reading “The Ultimate Case: Humans v. Robots”

The Extinction of Boredom

I’m telling you right now to go take a walk. Or a shower. Or a swim. Or a sit in a locked room where you don’t have the keys for ten minutes. Or somewhere where there aren’t things and people demanding your time and energy. Why? you ask. Well, it’s time to be bored. More and more studies show that being bored is the way to being creative, and honestly, it makes sense. These studies might be recent, but for decades, authors have realised this already and have exploited their use in their books, whether illustrating a point or explaining their point. Let’s begin with a few famous ones.Continue reading “The Extinction of Boredom”

Inception: thoughts, themes and stuff

Yes, there will be some of you that will say that I’m five years late, but no one ever says that to anyone when they talk about Great Expectations, so I’m going to talk about Inception.

I’m taking the risk and assuming that any of you reading this will have watched the movie, as it’s going to take far too much time to explain the plot for the time that we have here.Continue reading “Inception: thoughts, themes and stuff”

Onto Kepler 16: Space Age

I was told that Space Age was a retro game.

I don’t know whether it’s true, I wasn’t there when the originals were produced.

But on the same topic, I find that there are dozens of game categories. Endless runners, puzzle games, first person shooters, real time strategy, and massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The categories are as endless as there were tubes to cross in Flappy Bird. I think that there should be one factor that categorises a game: is it fun?

And I think that Space Age is a fun game.Continue reading “Onto Kepler 16: Space Age”