The Desolation of Marshmallow

Sir Marshmallow Studios

The Desolation of Marshmallow PosterWhile I like to call this my first animation project, it really isn’t.

My first animation project was a flip book I made way back when I was seven. That year, for some reason, my school gave each student a pad of sticky notes. (Really useful, you know.)

And so I made a flip book on it. It was about a kid who ran back and forth in the evening (I even had the sun set and the moon rise), and eventually his parents came and picked him up in their car.

It was epic. It was so epic that the first ten pages actually became sticky notes as my family accidentally peeled them out to write phone numbers on them.

I managed to salvage the remainder though.

My First Flip Book
A page from my debut animation wonder. Also, I guess you now know which school I went to.

Which brings me to 2015, when I joined the animation class in high school. To be honest, my drawing skills hadn’t improved too much since then (nowadays is another story though), and so when our teacher assigned us our first project, a flip book, I had no clue what to do.

So I resorted to my regular stick-men. Or stick knight, in this case.

So there. I managed to make a video that wasn’t to bad for my limited skills at the time. It’s a minute long, and I hope you enjoy it.

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