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A showcase of my work.

Here’s how I created an app—without knowing a single line of code

For most people (including me), code is some mysterious and powerful tool that makes our apps, phones, computers, and ahem, our lives run smoothly. Here’s how I managed to make an app without knowing any code.


The Electric Sheepdog

The Electric Sheepdog is a futuristic short film about a boy who loses his dog and tries to replace it with an electric sheepdog.

Elkhart Express: The Glenn Cunningham Story

Elkhart Express is a short film telling the story of Glenn Cunningham, the record holder for the mile in the 1930s.

Frame from Heist


Heist is a western action comedy about a group of bandits who get more than they bargained for when they try to rob a train.

A person writing with a cup in the background

2016 in review: top posts and reflections

Well, 2016 is over. So if you wanted to read the most popular posts from 64th Opinion from 2016 all at once, well, here’s your chance.

Old Town

Have Your Poor: a short story

Have Your Poor is a literary fictional short story about politics, the poor, and family.


Hedron is a fable-style story about the relationship between a circle and three triangles.

How the US Presidential Election works

Watch a video that I made explaining how the United States presidential election works.



Heavencent is an abstract story about dimes and pennies.

Sir Marshmallow Studios

The Desolation of Marshmallow

The Desolation of Marshmallow is a medieval fantasy flip book featuring a knight and a dragon.