All the World’s A Fish Tank

One fine day ten months back my family’s goldfish died.

And not like, one. It was at least five.

So then we bought new ones.

And then they died.

And then we bought new ones.

And then they died.

You’re beginning to see the pattern, right?

We weren’t sure why, though. It wasn’t like they were starving; they had enough food. It wasn’t like there wasn’t enough space or oxygen, the tank was huge.

In short, we had no darn clue.

While everyone was busy fussing about the fish, however, it just so happened I had to make a short film for a school project. I thought about it for a long time. I didn’t want to use human actors, and I didn’t really want to use found footage.

What could I do?

Aha! I could make a drama about fish. Specifically, fish dying. (Yeah, okay, actually, it was a documentary.)

And thus began my exploration of fish life. I mean, death.

But the class I was taking was a media/whacko/philosophy class and so of course making a film of “why my fish die” was not going to cut it.

And so it turned out to be a strange treatise about technology and super-apps combined with fish and tanks.

Anyways, here it is. Please enjoy it. And don’t worry, after the shooting of the film (which was a two day enterprise), we did find out what was going on. We are now the proud owners of a bunch of happy fish which have been alive for the last ten months.

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