The Melancholic Art of Breadmaking

Back in January I was chilling in class, enjoying life and generally thinking about nothing when our lecturer dropped a bomb on us.

He said, “Make a ninety second video set at a location.”

We looked at him. “And then?”

He looked at us. “Oh yes, it needs to have a mood.”

We looked at him.

He looked at us. “That’s all.” Eventually, he added, “Feel free to add a story if you want to, but it’s not required.”

And then, the killer:

It’s due next week.

—My lecturer

Okay, that honestly wasn’t so bad. But what was bad was that the other classes doing the same project were given three weeks to do it.

But anyway.

To cut a long story short, because, you know, everything about this project itself was short, I ended up deciding to film a scene in my kitchen, where my brother just so happened to be baking bread (okay, so that was planned. But he was going to make bread anyway, I just needed something to film).

It turned out great. My lecturers liked it, I liked it (this is more rare I think), and my classmates understood what was going on, although the ASMR junkies said it was totally dissatisfying for them to watch because they wanted to see the finalised product—which, of course, was not the point of the film.

Well, okay. That’s enough talking. You can watch it now.

Fun fact: the moment the filming ended the whole family showed up to eat the bread. So yes, even though I didn’t do a lick of directing for this film—only editing and camerawork—the mood I fabricated was totally my own.

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