No, the Bible isn’t a long book—and other interesting facts about the world’s number one bestseller

You might know the Bible is the world’s best seller, but did you know Harry Potter is longer than the Bible?

Lord of the (Toilet) Rolls and other books to read during your quarantine

Before you enter what will feel like One Hundred Years of Quarantine, here are some books to take with you.

“Doing what you love means you’ll never work a day in your life”. Erm, yeah right

You probably heard this quote at some graduation ceremony or some mid-life crises oh-no-what-I-am-doing-I-hate-my-life advice website, but before you declare it the greatest idea ever and start pro golfing or something, maybe the quote isn’t as true as some people say it is.

Dear Guardian: thank you very much, we know Sentosa had a dark past. So what?

In light of the Trump-Kim Summit happening in Sentosa on June 12, The Guardian released a wonderful article talking about the “dark past” of the island. Of course, it’s not the only island with a dark past.

Harry Potter vs SpongeBob: the great gulf between children’s books and shows

Over the years, there has been a growing disparity in profundity between children’s books and children’s shows. This is a problem. On screen, when we feed our young ones with inanity, we starve them of thoughtful entertainment and do them a disservice. But what can we do about it?