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Plugging out

Music: a private thing or a communal one?

These days, music is a private thing, a thing you do with headphones on by yourself. But is it always that way?

Drink, Kindle and Notebook

How doing nothing, really, is actually doing something

Many people have heard the (re)phrase, “don’t just do something, stand there!” But isn’t “standing there” doing something?

LED Lights

Coloured Lights

Besides Christmas lights and disco balls, lights are almost always yellow. Why?


How the Internet is making us all extremists

Let’s be clear: extremism doesn’t begin with a pulled trigger. It ends there. And the Internet, despite all the wonders it has done for the world, has probably been one of the best incubators for extremist thought.


Are handcrafted items really better than machine-made ones?

For the most part, while people love and adore handmade goods, their enthusiasm for machine made goods (save phones, perhaps) is far less. Why is that so? And is there really the difference between the two?


Here’s ten major sports—described in one sentence

Everyone has probably watched a sport, and everyone has their personal favourite. Here are ten of the most popular sports, described in one sentence (sorry cricket).

Colour Pencils

Why adult colouring books are stupid (and why you shouldn’t use them)

Introducing colouring books, the latest way adults pretend that they’re children (while still demanding to be respected like adults).

A boy with a camera

Are pictures really worth 1,000 words?

We all know the phrase, but does it really apply these days with Snapchat and Instagram around?

Hiking a trail

The real definition of success (as opposed to the fake inspirational ones)

Before you ask how to be successful, you need to know what success is. So what is it, then?

Olympic Rings in Portland

6 Sports that should be added to the Olympics

In 2020, baseball, skateboarding, surfing, karate and sports climbing will join the Olympics. But what other sports should merit a place at the Olympics?