Power Grid

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a electric power company, here’s your chance.

Power Grid might be over 11 years old, but that hasn’t stopped the game design from being brilliant and fun. In this game, you are given control over a power company. You, as the player, are tasked with buying power plants, fuel, and cities that you pump the electricity to. Your aim is to power the most number of cities by the time the game ends.Continue reading “Power Grid”

Libraries and Bookstores

First, let me apologise to everyone who reads my blog for the prolonged lack or posts or anything. I was kind of busy trying to study for my exams and procrastinated on posting stuff. But, now I’m here, with only two tests left to go, so I’ve got enough time to talk.

If any of you have read Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal, you will notice that the post office and the Library of the Unseen University have something in common: magic is in the air. Well, its actually in the books, and more specifically, in the words. Literal magic. In the post office, the hundreds of tons of mail causes magical illusions, in the Unseen University, it causes rifts in space.

But to get back to my main topic, because that wasn’t my point.Continue reading “Libraries and Bookstores”

Arena Mode

For a book mainly featuring a game show and superhumans, Arena Mode by Blake Northcott has a lot to say about life, the universe and everything.

I’ll begin with the book’s premise. 2041. America and most of the world is dirt poor and trying to survive. There is not much money going around and a low standard of living for most people. The 99% has become reality everywhere, with the last 1%, the politicians and the business magnates, basically rule the world. Although it does not explicitly mention this, it would appear that the free market has ruined the world. Power and money is in the hands of a few oligarchs, and everyone else is upset with the status quo.Continue reading “Arena Mode”

Knights of Pen and Paper II

Recently I have been obsessed with a game called Knights of Pen and Paper. Well, the second edition, actually, no pun intended for those who have played the second game. It’s a retro-style game in which a bunch of friends come together and play a tabletop role-playing game, complete with a dungeon master. The game is designed by KYY Games, and in my opinion, it is one of the best new games out there. But since I’m on the topic of great games, I think I’ll wander a bit and explore what makes one.Continue reading “Knights of Pen and Paper II”

Cybernetic Organisms

Forget the Terminator, or Darth Vader or the Cylons. Cyborgs, or what would appear to be their earliest forms, have arrived.

For several years now, chips can be and have been implanted into humans, usually in their hands. This has been used for identification and in offices and other such workplaces. However, like with every piece of new technology, there is some way to abuse it. Seth Wahle, one such person with a chip implant, has demonstrated how to hack into devices like phones just by holding them. The future of the world from our movies is here. There are cyborgs walking the earth. What’s more, some have the ability to hack into computer devices, and you won’t even know it.Continue reading “Cybernetic Organisms”

VE Day

Today, 70 years ago, the German forces surrendered to the Allies, ending the war in Europe.

We remember.

For the millions of lives that were list in World War II, we remember. For the price that they paid so that we may be free now, we remember.

Sadly, not all remember. As the older generations die and a new generation is born, some do not seem to understand the significance of war. Sometimes it is because of plain ignorance, other times it is due to the fact that they do not understand war; they believe that it is a game, that after the battle, everyone comes back to life and goes on with it, like their video games or movies. Even apart from them, there have been numerous wars since then, showing that some do not seen to care.Continue reading “VE Day”

Frightening New World

A team of researchers at the Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou modified the human DNA to change defective parts that lead to a blood disorder using the latest CRISPR technology.

A robot receptionist that looks human has begun service in a Japanese department store. It, or “she”, can talk in Japanese and answer questions about the store.

I’m honestly scared of either development.

Two things come to mind when I hear such developments. The Clones from Star Wars are one. The other is a few Nexus-6 androids from Philip K. Dick’s book Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?, turned into the beloved movie Blade Runner.Continue reading “Frightening New World”

To Kill A Schoolboy: An Anthology

To Kill A Schoolboy CoverTo Kill A Schoolboy is an anthology that I wrote between 2010 and 2013, which I finally compiled mid-2013. The writings in it vary from poetry (such as the title poem, “To Kill A Schoolboy), to essays (such as a historical essay, “The Fur Trade) and short stories (such as “The Accidental Hero”).

To be clear: I wrote To Kill A Schoolboy between the ages of 10 and 13. Yes, people’s mental capacities change quite a bit over the course of youth, and this results in the different parts of the anthology having quite different voices. (But, all of them are mine.)

To be honest, looking back, I can’t believe I wrote some of that stuff. My voice has certainly changed over the years. But it’s still around, partly because of a pride thing, and partly because it’s a personal reminder of the fact that, um, I’ve actually accomplished something in life. Also, I guess, I still think that the writing is decent, if not a little young.

You can get it for free at Noisetrade in PDF and ePub formats, and you can buy it at Amazon for the Kindle. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, I really appreciate reviews and shares.