Cybernetic Organisms


Forget the Terminator, or Darth Vader or the Cylons. Cyborgs, or what would appear to be their earliest forms, have arrived.

For several years now, chips can be and have been implanted into humans, usually in their hands. This has been used for identification and in offices and other such workplaces. However, like with every piece of new technology, there is some way to abuse it. Seth Wahle, one such person with a chip implant, has demonstrated how to hack into devices like phones just by holding them. The future of the world from our movies is here. There are cyborgs walking the earth. What’s more, some have the ability to hack into computer devices, and you won’t even know it.

However, there are many good ways to use chip implants; they can be used for identification, like a credit card, or an alternative house key. You might not even need a passport in the future thanks to those handy microchips. There is a whole range of possibilities with the advent of chip implants.

Of course, as stated above, there are many ways to abuse the system. Phones could be hacked. Computers, too. Vast amounts of information could be leaked by a those with chips in their hands, and the security wouldn’t even catch on to it.

In another related field, self driving cars are on the rise. Or self driving trucks, in this case. This might sound scary, but it honestly doesn’t seem so. After all, these trucks are meant to drive safely like most normal human drivers do too, don’t they. With these vehicles, roads would become safer, drunk drivers wouldn’t even need to be at the wheel, and many lives could potentially be saved. Google has been trying out their cars on the roads in Mountain View. Daimler Trucks have been testing out their vehicles in Nevada. With the increase of these vehicles and rumours that Apple, too, will join the market, self driving cars will be certain to see much more action that ever. It could radically change and improve our world.

Well, until our cyborg friends come to the show. With the trucks run by a computer system, what could criminals bearing chip implants do to the machines? The range of malevolent things they could do are endless. Vehicular accidents might actually increase instead of decrease with such things happening.

The cyborgs of reality have no wish to chop you into confetti with a light saber or crush your skull with brute mechanical force. Not at all. They want to steal your information, your money, and in the end, with self-driving cars, your life.

And they don’t even need to be around.

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