VE Day

National Flags

Today, 70 years ago, the German forces surrendered to the Allies, ending the war in Europe.

We remember.

For the millions of lives that were list in World War II, we remember. For the price that they paid so that we may be free now, we remember.

Sadly, not all remember. As the older generations die and a new generation is born, some do not seem to understand the significance of war. Sometimes it is because of plain ignorance, other times it is due to the fact that they do not understand war; they believe that it is a game, that after the battle, everyone comes back to life and goes on with it, like their video games or movies. Even apart from them, there have been numerous wars since then, showing that some do not seen to care.

Why can’t we have peace?

In this day and age, with this amount of social progress, people have yet to learn how to do things without guns and bombs.

I’m not talking about the thousands of peacekeepers who risk their lives every day. I’m talking about the people who attack them, thinking that they will get their way by being the most violent of them all. People still go around with animal instincts, believing that the strongest of them all will get their way.

It’s time to become civilised.

Put away the guns, the bombs, the tanks. Why don’t people try to start at the negotiation table instead? There would be a whole lot less dying if that were so. It’s the 21st century. It’s time to remember that the people you are against are also human beings with feelings, with similar frustrations, desires and anger. We’re all humans, and we can communicate with each other without waving bats.

However, there are still times to take up arms. The Allies understood that. They couldn’t negotiate with Germany. Hitler wasn’t going to listen to reason. So, taking up their weapons, they fought and prevailed.

Let us not forget that. Let us not forget the price that they paid so that we can sit here and have a controversial discussion without having to be armed. Nations don’t have to possess massive armies to be feared or respected. They just need to be reasonable and just.

Let’s be that way.

To all the men, women and children who died in conflict, not just World War II. We remember you.

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