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Netflix’s new interactive shows are a great idea—but the idea isn’t new

As part of their attempt to edge out competition, Netflix is introducing shows where viewers can dictate the plot. But what does that mean, and will it work?


Researchers think that they can predict criminals using facial features—here’s why it won’t work

More and more people are developing AIs that can catch and judge criminals. But is it actually as helpful or accurate as it looks?

Peeple App Logo

Why the “Yelp for people” app, “Peeple”, is idiotic beyond belief

Peeple is a social media app that allows you, like Yelp, to rate others. And yes, it’s a stupid and dangerous idea. Here’s why.

Sign the dotted line

New rules for the terms of service

No one reads the terms of service, yet they contain some important, and dangerous, stuff. So how can they be made more readable?

Human Resource Machine and Swift Playgrounds screenshots

Comparing Swift Playgrounds with Human Resource Machine

Recently, two games have been released that teach coding: Swift Playgrounds and Human Resource Machine. But what are the differences? And which one is better?

Tesla Car

Why we mustn’t rush self-driving vehicles

In ten years, some predict, everyone will be using self-driving cars. But rushing to get the vehicles on the road might present more problems that it might seem.


Pokémon Go just put augmented reality into the spotlight

It’s obvious that Pokémon Go is going to have a big impact, but how about the technology behind it, augmented reality?

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With Soylent, you can kiss eating goodbye. Forever

Eating is a waste of time, some people have argued. So, in order to save time, they have decided to stop eating altogether by replacing all their meals with a drink: Soylent.

YouTube filmreel

YouTube is changing how we learn, relax and work

With YouTube, anyone can teach themselves, market themselves, and of course, entertain themselves. Our world has been changed by it.


Computers aren’t as smart as you think

Microsoft demonstrated that with Tay, their deep learning AI chat bot that began tweeting racist comments after receiving messages from online trolls.