2016 in review: top posts and reflections

A person writing with a cup in the background

2016 is over. And, boy, did it go by fast. I mean, considering that the year was 75% longer than most years, it’s surprising how fast it went by. It’s been a rather dramatic 366 days.

For some reason, people like to reflect on what’s past. Maybe it’s because it’s difficult to reflect on what’s coming. Or because they want to see what they succeeded and failed in within the past year, and figure out how to (or how not to) repeat their actions. Or maybe it’s just because they want to make a New Year’s resolution. Who knows.

But since everyone is reflecting upon the past year, either personally or on a global scale, I’m going to reflect on my best posts of 2016. And then share them. But I’m skipping the first part.

10 words you probably didn’t know used to be two words
Opened Books

Did you know that vitamin used to be two words? Or that pixel used to be two words? Well, if you’re interested in that kind of etymology, or if you’re just interested in impressing your friends, you might as well read on and see what you can learn.

10 interesting facts about the Oscars

Courtesy of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Everybody loves the Oscars—I mean, who wouldn’t want a chance to hold a tiny statue that is reputed to weigh as much as a milk jug? Well, if film is your cup of tea (or jug of milk), and you want to learn about other interesting facts on one of film’s most coveted prizes, well, click through.

Here’s ten major sports—described in one sentence

If you like ribbing people about their favourite sports, or you like satire in general, you should see my general explanation of ten major sports—my “sports for dummies” you could say.

The death of the film industry

If you think that there’s a problem when the top-ten grossing movies of 2016 are comprised mostly of sequels and remakes, then you should read this. Seriously, the number of sequels already planned for every year until 2020 is ridiculous. From Mary Poppins Returns to Ocean’s Eight to Alien: Covenant and the live action Mulan, every great (or even half-decent) movie from the 1950s onward is trying their luck in making a sequel. And it sucks.

6 Sports that should be added to the Olympics

Olympic Rings in Portland

Brazil’s long awaited Olympics, the first in South America, finally got around to being held. And Tokyo’s Olympics apparently decided to add skateboarding as a sport for 2020, among other things.  So, I decided that it was time to suggest sports that should be added to the most prestigious sporting platform in the world. Well, that list is here.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed reading at least one of the articles I have above (Or really, any article that I’ve ever written). But since we’re here, and you’re reading this, if you liked any of them, I would love it if you subscribed to my newsletter. Or liked my Facebook page. Or subscribed to the blog itself.

But since this is technically also reflection of the past year, I guess I’ll list the unconscious goals I set for my blog at the start of 2016, because, you know, reflection. At the start of last year, I had set out to

  • Entertain people
  • Amuse people
  • Inform people
  • Persuade people
  • Inspire people
  • and, of course annoy people

And not necessarily in that order. Anyway, since they’re written out so much nicer and neater than I could ever write on paper, I guess I’ll just make those my goals for 64th Opinion in 2017 too. But maybe I’ll continue to keep my goal of annoying people at the bottom somewhere. It gets tough when people begin to read your writing out of morbid fascination rather than any innocent curiosity.

But since the best way to get something done is by actions rather than talking about it (unless what you’re trying to do is talk), then I guess I better start getting on with the new year.

So to sign off, well, happy new year to all of you, and thanks for reading 64th Opinion.

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