Have Your Poor: a short story

Old Town

It’s amazing what a deadline can do to one’s writing. I mean, it got mine done. That’s the great thing about school, isn’t it? If you ever plan on graduating, procrastination is not an option. (Well actually, it is until the last minute.)

Anyway, as the title suggests, I wrote a short story for school called “Have Your Poor”. All things aside, including hair pulling, hair greying and um, keyboard mashing, I managed to get it done. (It’s quite short, actually. It’s around 2,000 words.)

have-your-poor-coverSo, what is it about?

Like most stories written in school for school, it was inspired, partly, by a picture. In this case, it was a painting by Richard Maury called “Lorenzo Plus”. (If you actually look at the painting, note that the version I was looking at was on a grey scale and had an incredible low definition, so I had no idea that he was painting until I saw the coloured version.)

And of course, like most stories written for school, I also had a written prompt, which in this case, was this: write a story demonstrating the power of words.


But with that, I managed to write this story.

But I digress into discussing process. Since I haven’t really told you what the story is about, here’s the blurb:

David Macmillan is running for mayor in his hometown, as he dreams of using his power to help the poor whom his father has spent his whole life helping. However, he clashes with elder the Macmillan by running for mayor, as his father believes that politics is a waste of time that achieves nothing.

Well, I can’t really say anything more, since the blurb covers most of the spoilerless bits, but if you’re interested and want to download it (please do), you can do so at Noisetrade (the free option) and Amazon (the $0.99 option). I hope you enjoy it.

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