Game Designer’s Notes #0: Introduction

Courtesy of Amos Kwok

I don’t know about other people, but I have a lot of hobbies. While some people have a one track mind, I find that my interests fly all over the place.

One of my hobbies is game design. As in, tabletop game design. You know, anything from Uno to Agricola. I love playing them, but I also like designing them.

So recently I’ve been designing several card games. They’re no where near done, but hey, sometimes the best part about designing something is the journey.

Anyway, I’d thought it’d be interesting to document some of the journey and maybe share some of what I’ve learnt. I’m by no means an expert, but, unlike in computer games, I think I can share around some of my experience (ahem, XP) with well, whoever happens to be reading this.

To be clear: I’m basically starting a series of blog posts discussing game design. I hope to cover a lot of different things, from game mechanics to card design to rules writing. And I plan for these posts to be relatively shorter than my regular posts (that is, my opinion pieces). Maybe three hundred words at maximum. (To give some context, most people read 200 words per minute in English.) Oh, and I hope to post regularly. Maybe around once every ten days.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope that this series might be interesting and helpful to you, either as a gamer, a game designer, or even someone who’s never played tabletop games before.

At this point I’m probably supposed to say something corny like “let the games begin”, but I’m not that banal.

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