Heavencent PosterSometimes I have no clue why I’ve made a story.

I’m not saying that this was one of those times, but let’s just say that it was okay for the project description.

You see, I did this project for school. My only instruction was to do it with coins.

And again, back then, for some reason, I had a minor obsession with abstract storytelling. Again, this was only my second “proper” animation project. But I thought myself to be an auteur. (Given I’m usually the only one working on my projects, that doesn’t really count though. And the word usually has more fancy connotations.)

And then, voila!

Anyway, I hope it provides some sort of entertainment for you. So enjoy it.

(Oh, and, by the way, the story is not an analogy for inflation. Not at all. Any similarities to the economic problem the world faces today is entirely coincidental.)

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