Writing is hard. Especially when your day is filled up with finding x, y, z, your pencils, homework and marbles. By the time you do get to doing some writing, you’re drained and absolutely don’t feel like it. But I did lots of writing assignments, which seemed to improve my writing somewhat. Using that as material, I compiled those stories into my first book, To Kill A Schoolboy. It’s a compilation of short stories, essays, and poems that I wrote between the ages of ten and thirteen. The writing is young, but in retrospect, at that age, where else could I start? I’m sorry that I don’t have much to say right now. It’s difficult to describe a compilation as anything other that a compilation, unless you prefer the words anthology or collection. That’s all for now. If you would like a copy of the book, you can find it here. It’s available in PDF and ePub formats, and a Amazon mobi format will come eventually.


Posted by dyl8nkw0k

Blogger and editor at 64thopinion.com. Writes about life, books, science fiction and fantasy, games, technology, and film.

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