Sticker Apps

Full disclosure: I’m still not sure why this page exists, because I don’t know a word of code. (In the time since this was written, I am pleased to announce I have learnt “see hashtag”.)

But since I have two apps on the iOS App Store, I’m going to take a leap and call myself a developer.

Basically, I make sticker apps. You know, these:

That would be my first sticker app, Birds of Play—Animated!. I had some decent success with it.

That, to be fully honest, was mostly an art project that got out of hand.

Nowadays, I still make more stickers, but I’ve been focusing on stickers that have more random humour and emotion (I’d still argue that my birds did too, but just not for messaging).

My second app is called Say It With Will!, which features the Old Bard himself, William Shakespeare, and a series of his most withering insults in his plays.

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