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Notebook and Books

Do authors’ opinions on their own books even matter?

In the age of fanfiction, literary conspiracy theories and all the rest, do authors’ still have the final say in how their books should be interpreted?

Notebook and Books

How writing advice in school often doesn’t apply to writing in real life

In school, students are told to use complex vocabulary, but in reality, many writers try to use simple words, like Ernest Hemingway. What other things are kids told about writing that contradict real life?

The difference between children’s and adults’ books

Writing for children and writing for adults is different. But what are the differences?

Thoughts on language: forgetting words

We all have days where we just forget words, right when we need them. Isn’t that annoying?

A person writing with a cup in the background

2016 in review: top posts and reflections

Well, 2016 is over. So if you wanted to read the most popular posts from 64th Opinion from 2016 all at once, well, here’s your chance.

A person writing with a cup in the background

Why you shouldn’t use a thesaurus at every chance you get

Many people use thesauri to “buff” their writing, or to learn new and fancy words. But is that really a good idea, and does it really work out?

Opened Books

8 words that show how confusing English spellings are

From rationalize to rationalise and colour to color, spelling in such a way to please everyone is as easy as herding cats.