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With Soylent, you can kiss eating goodbye. Forever

Eating is a waste of time, some people have argued. So, in order to save time, they have decided to stop eating altogether by replacing all their meals with a drink: Soylent.


Monopoly: The Musical sounds like monotony already

Hasbro is teaming up with the creators of the musical Wicked to create a musical based on the world of Monopoly, bringing the classic game to Broadway.

The Future of Wearables

Fitbits and smartwatches may be advanced now, but they’re only pioneers in the wearables industry.


Will a robot take your job?

As robots become increasingly advanced, they will take more and more of our jobs. But should we be worried?


Cybernetic Organisms

Learn how chip implants and self driving vehicles make a dangerous combination.

DNA String

Frightening New World

See how DNA editing and increasingly intelligent robots will change our world.