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Elkhart Express: The Glenn Cunningham Story

Elkhart Express is a short film telling the story of Glenn Cunningham, the record holder for the mile in the 1930s.

Books and a Lamp

5 of the most unexpectedly evil characters from literature

Not all villains are simply black and white, and in fact, many of the worst villains seem innocuous at first glance. But among those, who are the worst?

Flowchart for Book Naming

A guide to writing good titles for books

Actually, you probably shouldn’t use this guide. It’s not at all serious. But seriously, you should read it anyway.

Old Town

Have Your Poor: a short story

Have Your Poor is a literary fictional short story about politics, the poor, and family.

To Kill A Schoolboy Cover

To Kill A Schoolboy: An Anthology

Check out my first anthology, a compilation of things I had written before the age of 13.