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Still from Dunkirk. Courtesy of Warner Brothers and Syncopy

Dunkirk review: a story that emerged through the apparent chaos

Christopher Nolan’s latest film is a masterpiece that draws its strength from its multiple perspectives, non-linear narrative, and its relative lack of dialogue.

Photo Courtesy of Bones

Boku no Hero Academia review: thoughts and themes

Boku no Hero Academia tells the story of world where most people have superpowers, and about a boy who just happens not to have one.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Rogue One review: introducing Disney’s most daring film in a decade

Edgy and daring, Rogue One strays from the well trodden path of past Star Wars movies, instead telling a story of war, of rebellion, and of politics. Oh, and death.

Photo Courtesy of CoMix Wave Films

Your Name.: thoughts, opinions, and review (and why it’s Oscar material)

Your Name. tells of the story of a country girl and a city boy, who, several times a week, swap bodies. It’s one of the best films of 2016.


Re:Zero review: is it worth the hype?

What would it be like if people died and respawned like they do in video games? Re:Zero, a new anime, explores that idea.

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Review: Bourne is back and has adapted to our modern, tech-centric world

The new Jason Bourne brings back what was great about the originals, but also mixes in new elements from our world to make it a thrilling show.

Amulet #7: Firelight

A Review of Amulet #7: Firelight by Kazu Kibuishi

Kazu Kibuishi’s New York Times bestselling series is a literal work of art and a very enjoyable series. Read my thoughts on the seventh installment.

ERASED: full review and thoughts

Here are my thoughts on one of the most astounding animes of Winter 2016.

ERASED: thoughts, opinions, and predictions

ERASED tells the story of a pizza delivery man who can jump back several seconds in time in order to avert disasters. It’s one of the best new animes out there.

Surface of Mars

The Martian: Book versus Movie

Andy Weir’s novel and Ridley Scott’s adaptation were both amazing. But what are the differences?