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The invented language more popular than Klingon

Esperanto is a language that was invented by a medical doctor in the 1880s, who desired to create a universal language to promote world peace.


How the Internet is making us all extremists

Let’s be clear: extremism doesn’t begin with a pulled trigger. It ends there. And the Internet, despite all the wonders it has done for the world, has probably been one of the best incubators for extremist thought.


Researchers think that they can predict criminals using facial features—here’s why it won’t work

More and more people are developing AIs that can catch and judge criminals. But is it actually as helpful or accurate as it looks?

US Flag

The American political system is rigged against minorities

83% of the American Congress is white while only 62% of America’s population is white. The reason, I believe, is because of how the system was set up.


How the US Presidential Election works

Watch a video that I made explaining how the United States presidential election works.


Climate Change: an environmental problem, or a political one?

Climate change is one of the problems we face these days. But is the problem as big as we think?

Google Docs Landing Page

Why I hate Google (And why you should too)

The search giant whose motto is “Don’t be evil” is worse than you thought.


Yes, Guns do Kill People

It’s time everyone took a stand together to end gun violence.

TSA Locks

The Truth About Secrets

The blueprints for the TSA master keys were leaked onto Github in the form of CAD files.

Hugo Award

Here’s Why Politics is Stupid

Read how the Hugos were ruined by racism, sexism and politics.