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Sign the dotted line

New rules for the terms of service

No one reads the terms of service, yet they contain some important, and dangerous, stuff. So how can they be made more readable?


Face it. Social media is a Weapon

Social media is great for connecting with friends and family. But the information you post can be used for malicious purposes too.

Google Docs Landing Page

Why I hate Google (And why you should too)

The search giant whose motto is “Don’t be evil” is worse than you thought.

Around the World with Google Balloons

Google’s Loon Project is not only a moonshot. If successful, it will change the world.

iPhone on a Table

The Dawn of Human and Robot Interaction

We as people need to decide how to react to robots as they are slowly integrated into society.


Yes, Guns do Kill People

It’s time everyone took a stand together to end gun violence.

TSA Locks

The Truth About Secrets

The blueprints for the TSA master keys were leaked onto Github in the form of CAD files.