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Advertising: the great justifier for all that’s stupid on the Internet

Why do people write fake news? And why do people keep trying to get attention via doing outrageous things on the Internet? While some people really are just nuts, for others, they do it for the lure of advertising revenue.

Sign the dotted line

New rules for the terms of service

No one reads the terms of service, yet they contain some important, and dangerous, stuff. So how can they be made more readable?

Tesla Car

Why we mustn’t rush self-driving vehicles

In ten years, some predict, everyone will be using self-driving cars. But rushing to get the vehicles on the road might present more problems that it might seem.

YouTube filmreel

YouTube is changing how we learn, relax and work

With YouTube, anyone can teach themselves, market themselves, and of course, entertain themselves. Our world has been changed by it.

The Future of Wearables

Fitbits and smartwatches may be advanced now, but they’re only pioneers in the wearables industry.

Google Docs Landing Page

Why I hate Google (And why you should too)

The search giant whose motto is “Don’t be evil” is worse than you thought.

Around the World with Google Balloons

Google’s Loon Project is not only a moonshot. If successful, it will change the world.