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Why don’t animated films receive as much recognition as live action films?

Animated films are just as good as their live action counterparts. Why is it, then, that animation rarely ever gets recognised alongside live action films?


5 children’s books that Disney should make into movies

There are many great children’s stories waiting for a bigger audience. But which ones should be sent to the big screen?

Still of Piper. Courtesy of Pixar Studios

The short films nominated for Oscars

While there are certainly many good shows being nominated for Best Picture, there are also many great film shorts nominated for Oscars this year. Here are my takes on 10 of them.

Courtesy of Lucasfilm

Rogue One review: introducing Disney’s most daring film in a decade

Edgy and daring, Rogue One strays from the well trodden path of past Star Wars movies, instead telling a story of war, of rebellion, and of politics. Oh, and death.

Photo Courtesy of Disney

The evolution of the Disney Princess Movie—and why Disney should just give it up

As another Disney princess hits the big screen, it’s time to question whether there really should be anymore Disney princesses—and if so, what their purpose is.


The death of the film industry

Movies are no longer centred on a plot line. Instead, they are focused on advertising their sequels, their merch, and their special effects.

Indiana Jones

What’s up with Indiana Jones 5?

Disney has announced the fifth Indy installment with Spielberg and Ford on board.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens is History’s Longest Ad: Here’s Why

Disney business model is what’s killing anything good left in Star Wars.

Desert Chase over Millenium Falcon

Why The Force Awakens doesn’t deserve 9/10

The seventh episode of Star Wars was a terrible letdown and an insult to entertainment.