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Robot Cooking

Is it possible to build machines that can detect and interpret smells? And if so, what would the applications be?


Researchers think that they can predict criminals using facial features—here’s why it won’t work

More and more people are developing AIs that can catch and judge criminals. But is it actually as helpful or accurate as it looks?


Computers aren’t as smart as you think

Microsoft demonstrated that with Tay, their deep learning AI chat bot that began tweeting racist comments after receiving messages from online trolls.


Will a robot take your job?

As robots become increasingly advanced, they will take more and more of our jobs. But should we be worried?

Audi Car

Should we program self-driving cars with morals?

Who should a self-driving car try to protect first and foremost in a car accident?

iPhone on a Table

The Dawn of Human and Robot Interaction

We as people need to decide how to react to robots as they are slowly integrated into society.

BMW Steering Wheel

3 Reasons to be Skeptical of the Self-Driving Revolution

As much as they are cool, are autonomous cars really the vehicle of the future?

Robot Keychain

The Ultimate Case: Humans v. Robots

Increasing robot intelligence and rights will put them in conflict with humans.