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And that, my friends, is my attempt at a six word story, ignoring the fact that it’s actually a six word statement. Here’s another one.

Six words isn’t enough! I need

So, you wanted to know about stories? Well, first, I’ll tell you what I mean by stories.

I mean novels. Novellas. Novelettes. Short stories. Micro fiction. (I hope you get my meaning by now.) Those stories can range between 6 words and 100,000, depending on whether its an epic novel or a six word story.

If you’re on this page, I assume that you either a) were more interested in stories than my home page, b) trawled through everything I’ve already written and decided to come here, c) tried to click About and missed, or d) mashed the keyboard and hit enter.

Anyway, you probably want to know what I write. Well, I write short stories, which, in my definition, is anything shorter than 5,000 words. That’s the length of what I’m writing in the present time. It probably will change in the future. (Like, when more time is available.)

Genre? Anything, mostly. My latest short story, “One Step Down”, was published on Daily Science Fiction, if the magazine’s name means anything. “Have Your Poor” is a literary drama, and my earlier work, To Kill A Schoolboy, is an anthology of a lot of different things. However, my recent projects include more literary drama and lots of speculative fiction.

You can use the links below to access the stories that are published right now. I hope you enjoy them.

Full Bibliography (Full is a bit of a stretch, but stretching is good exercise)

  • “One Step Down” – Daily Science Fiction, July 9, 2018 (read)
  • “Have Your Poor” – self published, October 9, 2016 (download)
  • To Kill A Schoolboy – self published, July 18, 2013 (download)
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