When I reached the age of fifteen (or grade 10), our school finally gave us option classes where we could pursue our own interests in the classroom (yes, we could do that before, but pursuing our own interests in other classes usually meant detention).

Now, I like storytelling, and when picking my options, I tried to pick the ones that matched my skills and my interests.

Of course, there was drama, but I cannot act. (Acting up is a different matter).

And then, there was animation.

I liked technology. And stories. And film. And so I said, why not?

And so for three semesters, I made animated films in school until I couldn’t sign up for the class anymore. (That was sad.)

However, I did make a handful of short films in the meantime, and I even managed to win the animation award at my school. (Full disclaimer: I lobbied the teacher to create that award, so… come to your own conclusions.)

Anyways, I eventually decided to post these videos to YouTube, in the hopes that more people could enjoy the work I did. You can watch them here. Below are the posters for all of the current short films I have right now. I hope you enjoy them.

List of Short Films

  • The Desolation of Marshmallow: a flip-book about a knight, Sir Graham, who travels to a dragon’s den to fight a feared dragon, Marshmallow.
  • Heavencent: a coins stop motion with an abstract story.
  • Hedron: a whiteboard stop motion featuring the relationship between a circle and three triangles.
  • Heist: a cowboy western stop motion featuring a train heist.
  • Elkhart Express: a 2D animated documentary/biopic about the life of Glenn Cunningham, the record holder for the mile in the 1930s.
  • The Electric Sheepdog: a semi-futurist stop motion about a boy and his dog.
In Production
  • Birds of Play: a 2D animated short film about a sparrow who admires ferocious birds of prey like the golden eagle and the peregrine falcon and wants to mimic them.