Short Films

I used to have a long, long story here about how I became interested in animation, went into film.

And then another long ramble about my proudest work.

However, I’ve come to the point that every time I make a new work, it is indeed my new proudest work, and so having to rewrite this page every time something new came out was an absolute pain.

So instead of rambling on about why this piece or that piece was fun to do, I’m just going to instead let you have a gallery of images, and the relevant links to the films, because I’m sure they speak for themselves (also, none of them are longer than six minutes. So I’m sure you have time.)

Forthcoming Work

  • Untitled Deer Story: yes, untitled, yes, deer, yes, story. Nothing else at this point.

Released Work

  • The Desolation of Marshmallow: a flip-book about a knight, Sir Graham, who travels to a dragon’s den to fight a feared dragon, Marshmallow.
  • Heavencent: a coins stop motion with an abstract story.
  • Hedron: a whiteboard stop motion featuring the relationship between a circle and three triangles.
  • Heist: a cowboy western stop motion featuring a train heist.
  • Elkhart Express: a 2D animated documentary/biopic about the life of Glenn Cunningham, the record holder for the mile in the 1930s.
  • The Electric Sheepdog: a semi-futurist stop motion about a boy and his dog.
  • Molecular Circadian Rhythm: an educational short discussing the 2017 Nobel Prize discovery in Medicine, molecular circadian rhythm.
  • Connect the Dots: a documentary short talking about various cultures’ views of the Big Dipper.
  • All the World’s a Fish Tank: a documentary short exploring our digitised world using the analogy of goldfish.
  • The Melancholic Art of Breadmaking: an anti-ASMR short film where a boy bakes some loaves of bread.
  • Why I Was Late For Work: a stop motion film about a man (who, incidentally, is the boy from the last film) who tells a ludicrous tale of why he was late for work.
  • Bringing Our Zoo To You: a parody ad tackling the problem of people not being able to go to zoos during the COVID quarantines. Unlike all my other videos which are on my YouTube channel, this is on Vimeo because, ahem, I stole used a lot of found footage. (This is one of my favourites and I’m so sad I can’t post it on my channel so please watch it.)
  • Charybdis: an animatic about self-piloting ships which get hacked and cause a naval disaster.
  • The Chaise: out in the wilderness, a Porsche and a BMW duke it out to be the fastest car in the desert. Animated in Maya.
  • Something’s Brewing: a mouse discovers something it shouldn’t have in the heart of the forest. Animated in Unreal Engine 5.

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