TSA Locks

The Truth About Secrets

The blueprints for the TSA master keys were leaked onto Github in the form of CAD files.


Why Your Idea Needs Landing Gear

Here’s to all of us who’ve started projects we can’t finish for some reason.

Hugo Award

Here’s Why Politics is Stupid

Read how the Hugos were ruined by racism, sexism and politics.

Cloud Cover

May 16, 2050: Partly Cloudy

Our world is run by predictions. But how accurate are they?

Robot Keychain

The Ultimate Case: Humans v. Robots

Increasing robot intelligence and rights will put them in conflict with humans.

Walking on the Bridge

The Extinction of Boredom

Our endless supply of entertainment is what’s killing creativity.

Spinning Top

Inception: thoughts, themes and stuff

All my thoughts on Christopher Nolan’s imaginative blockbuster.

Space Age

Onto Kepler 16: Space Age

Space Age is a fun role-playing game set on a fictional planet, Kepler 16.

Power Grid

Power Grid

Power Grid is a engaging game of economics and electricity you should play.


Libraries and Bookstores

Libraries and bookstores are treasures we should keep in this world.