Month: January 2017


Robot Cooking

Is it possible to build machines that can detect and interpret smells? And if so, what would the applications be?


Thoughts on language: forgetting words

We all have days where we just forget words, right when we need them. Isn’t that annoying?

LED Lights

Coloured Lights

Besides Christmas lights and disco balls, lights are almost always yellow. Why?


How the Internet is making us all extremists

Let’s be clear: extremism doesn’t begin with a pulled trigger. It ends there. And the Internet, despite all the wonders it has done for the world, has probably been one of the best incubators for extremist thought.

Thoughts on Language: contradictory phrases

We use colloquialisms all the time, but how many of them actually make sense?

Notebook and Books

The secret to understanding poetry

Every year, thousands upon thousands of students have to take poetry tests. Is there a secret to understanding them all?


Are handcrafted items really better than machine-made ones?

For the most part, while people love and adore handmade goods, their enthusiasm for machine made goods (save phones, perhaps) is far less. Why is that so? And is there really the difference between the two?

A person writing with a cup in the background

2016 in review: top posts and reflections

Well, 2016 is over. So if you wanted to read the most popular posts from 64th Opinion from 2016 all at once, well, here’s your chance.