It’s time all human lives mattered. Equally.

The hundreds of deaths by terrorist acts this past month in the air, Beirut and now Paris highlight how serious of a threat the Islamic State has become, with three separate attacks happening in the span of a month. These atrocities will not be forgotten by the citizens of the world, and the world will need to take action.

But today is not that time. Today we must pray for the fallen. All of them.

I was reading in an article just today highlighting the inequality of the amount of attention given to the Beirut bombing compared to the attention given to the Paris attacks, and sadly, this seems to be the case. Even the taking down of the Russian passenger jet did not seem to generate as much grief as the Paris attack, and this grieves me. Why do we as a human race empathise with some victims and not with others? Why have we put on our prejudicial lenses in this respect?

Granted, for some people it is because they were personally affected by one attack or the other, but for the vast majority of us, each attack has the same effect on us. Yet we react to each one of them differently. I’m not even going to begin to speculate why, as there are many others out there who tell you why.

But I think that it is time for us as a race to stand up for each other as a race. Yes,                lives matter, but do not forget, all human lives matter. And although it pains me to say this, yes, even the lives of the perpetrators matter. I’m not going to try to explain away anything they did. It was wrong. It was extremely evil and horrible to take other people’s lives and no one should ever have to suffer from the hands of men like these. But that is nature of our broken world. So pray for them. Pray for the victims. Pray for their families. Pray for humanity.

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